About the Pico Union Project

This year’s volume of Jewels of Elul supports the new Pico Union Project, a place where people of all faiths and walks of life will come together to celebrate Holy days, holidays, and the holy in the every day. Originally built by Sinai Temple in 1909, the Pico Union is the oldest synagogue building in Los Angeles. Together with the Jewish Historical Society, the Pico Union is embarking on a new beginning, building out our dream in three areas. Prayer The Pico Union will be a house of worship where people of all faiths can meet and pray in a safe, open space. Performing Arts The Pico Union can seat 375 people and will host world-class musicians, theatre, art, and dance. Sustenance Along with Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), we will create the Holy Ground Café, a teaching kitchen and café providing food for our programs and the local community.

Our Vision

The Pico Union Project is dedicated to the Jewish principle to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We elevate this teaching into practice in our historic building by bringing diverse cultures together through song, story, art, food and prayer. We are a multi-faith cultural arts center and house of worship that aims to help invigorate the community of Los Angeles and reflect the Jewish value of being a light to all nations.


Pico Union Project Donors

By supporting the Jewels of Elul and the Pico Union Project, you help to create a completely unique multi-faith arts and cultural center in Los Angeles’ oldest synagogue building. Your support allows us to fill our holy space with music, dance, theatre, poetry and community, and ensures a vibrant creative space in our city that respects the past, celebrates the present, and creates the next generation of innovation and prosperity.

We are grateful for your generosity and thank you for your vision.


 Enchanted Jewels

Charlotte and Eli Brent • Anonymous


Founders’ Circle

Rick Kirkbride • Bruce Whizin


Builders’ Circle

Ravitz Family Foundation • Rabbi Steve Lowenstein • Anonymous • Louise and Craig Taubman • Richard Foos Karmi and Harold Monsher • Jacob Kanner and J and J Cabinets


Crown Jewels

Ellen Silverman • Milken Family Foundation • Jewish Community Foundation • Sev Ashkenazy


Precious Jewels

Roz and Abner Goldstein • Susie and Eytan Brandes • Linda and David Kates • Deborah and Mark Attanasio • Janet and Jake Farber • Renata Landres • Zuzana, Shawn, Abigail and Natalia Landres


Radiant Jewels

Barton Kogan • Ellen and William Dreskin • Gene Taubman • Micah Greenstein • Laurie Levenson & Doug Mirell • Rabbi Sherre Hirsch and Jeffrey Hirsch • Barbara and Richard Braun • Richard and Ellen Sandler Family Foundation



Arnie Wishnick • Atid of Sinai Temple • Barbara and Zev Yaroslavsky • Barbara Lazaroff Marlene and Barry Horwitz • Bruce Corwin • Carol Taubman • Carin and Glenn Freeman Elly and Dan Wolf • David Elcott and Rabbi Shira Milgrom • Dave Koz • Esther Netter DeLeT of Hebrew Union College • Honey Kessler Amado • Joy and David Taubman • Lori and Rabbi Neil Cooper • Sego Nursery • Andy Lipkis and TreePeople • Lori Solomon • Jewish Music Comission of Los Angeles • Merri Lovinger Arian and Ramie Arian • Richard Siegel Merrill and Gregg Alpert and Family • Michael Waterman • Pam and Evan Kaizer • Kathy and Dennis Gura • Monise and Anthony Neumann • Temple Sholom of West Essex • Temple Sinai of Glendale • Patricia Sommerfeld • Dennis Linson • Shepha Vainstein Selina and Brian Boxer-Wachler • Gail and Sheldon Dorph • Susan and Ronald Wolfson • Janet and Siamak Dardashty • Sinclair Rimmon and Joan Rimmon Living Trust • Steve Sheldon • Susie and Yehuda Dehrey • Terry and Marly Podell • Temple Emanu-El • Toba August Jacqualine and Theodore Eckberg • Allison Teisch • Marjorie and Rabbi Jacob Pressman • Shalom Institute • Ahavath Achim Synagogue • Rabbi David Wolpe • Peter Allard Huntington Jewish Center • Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard • Marjorie Menaker • Mark Kramer • Michele Zwillinger • Nancy Luberoff • South Huntington Jewish Center • Temple Aliyah • Temple B’nai Shalom • Temple Congregation Bnai Jehudah • Yaron Kapitulnik Valley Beth Shalom • Armstrong Garden Centers • Rabbis Nina and Ed Feinstein


We hope you will join us on this journey to build and be built by the Pico Union as we create a welcoming space and a bright light in the City of Angels. To find out how you can be involved, visit www.PicoUnionProject.org.