Question of the Day – Elul 28


If you had to name what your legacy will be for your kids, other family members, or the community,  what would it be? How are you making that legacy happen?

  • Janine

    I would want then to understand how important it is to learn about and understand Judaism. As a jew by choice this is a very big piece of my life. Just 9 years ago I took a dip (3 actually) in the mikvah. As of today I have just less than 8 months until my bat mitzvah. My boys both has a brit milah. While for my kids, they have not made the choice themselves to attend preschool at our synagogue or attend religious school, they hopefully will see my example of adult education and see the amazing impact it has had on me and my relationship with G-d. Our oldest son now has the most interesting questions about why we do the things we do…i find it keeps me learning so I can give him different perspectives and then one day he can come to be comfortable in his own answers. L’Shanah Tovah!