Question of the Day – Elul 21


If you could spend one more day with someone you miss, who would it be, and what would you do?

  • savta

    i would spend the day with my grandmother and enjoy a baseball game with her, something she truly enjoyed

  • tmccloud3928

    I would have to say my step father because he as much as anyone if not more, believed in my potential, and he went to bat for me regularly in issues with my father and the abuse he was doing. He passed away right after my birthday in my junior year of high school, and he never got the chance to see me become the man I am, because of the fact that he taught me how to respect myself.

  • Faye

    I would choose to have a quality conversation with my mother who passed 26 years ago due to lung cancer. Because she had to go to a nursing home facility over 2 hours away I wasn’t able to monitor her care and talk with her. She possibly couldn’t have spoken much, but I will never know. I know they had her medicated heavily. I had just started a new job and my son was 2.5. So it wasn’t easy to get away and visit her by myself. But if I could talk with her now, I would tell her I now understand so much more about her problems and personality. I would be gentler with her and make sure she had her favorite foods and, things she loved. I would agree with her about her insights into what she thought about my marriage. There was a lot of unfinished business with my mother because I didn’t understand her mental illness enough. I would ask her what else can I do for her. It would be nice for her to meet her grandchildren and see who they are. I think of my mother,but not in a sad way today. I actually have a healthy acceptance of the past. I know under the circumstances available to us both, we had the relationship that we were meant to have. And I do have closure today.