Question of the Day: Elul 1


If you had to name three things you need to learn and three things you need to “unlearn” what would they be?

  • Leah

    To truly observe my children
    To breathe through anger
    To protect my home/self balance so I don’t lose my identity in my job as a stay at home mother

    Being paralyzed when filled with anger
    Completely retreating from people who are difficult to get along with
    Replaying cold-hearted words from my mother over and over again in my head

  • Jonathan B. Wash

    I need to learn to be happy in the moment, learn to let the small things go, and to always speak up for the things that make me happy in life. I need to unlearn procrastination, self inflicted stress and letting go of grudges. I will strive to be a better person this High Holy Days.

  • Meredith Neria

    i need to “unlearn” self pity, lethargy and procrastination. I would like to “learn” spontaneity, contentment and perseverance. Helping me in these goals is learning about unsung heroes of the Jewish people.

  • Larisa

    I need to learn to let arguments go, I need to learn to be slower to anger, I need to learn to be tolerant and hopeful even when it’s most challenging to do so. I need to unlearn my preconceptions, bad habits and my tendency to bitterness.

  • Annice Benamy

    Three things I need to learn are: strength to control my passions, patience in my life, and confidence in decisions I make. Three things I need to unlearn are clinging to my daughter, sarcasm with my students, and stubbornness.