Elul 12 – Spiritual Light by Mary J. Blige


The seeking of spiritual light is gained through having faith and trust in God.  Prayer provides the path, leading to inner strength and pushing us toward greater honesty with ourselves.

With honesty comes clarity, as we come to see the truth of our condition.  We can then change what we can and accept what we can’t.

Whatever it is that you have, you must make work for you.  In this way, we keep moving toward the light.  When we minimize our own talents, when we envy what others have, when we give in to despair, we choose darkness.  When we do so, we should always remember this is a choice, it is not destiny.

The light is always there if we have the courage to seek it.  And, with faith and trust in God, we need never seek it alone.

Mary J. Blige has six Grammy awards, seven multi–platinum records and 15 years of love from the public, critics and fellow artists. www.maryjblige.com