Elul 11 – Roundtable Enlightenment


In June of 2011 members of Jewish Social Justice Round Table
shared their ideas on the Art of Seeking Light

Sometimes elusive, always there to be discovered. Stick with the task, elevate the vision.
         Ruth Messinger, President, American Jewish World Service

Balance the ideal with the possible, dream big, breathe, pause and continue the climb.
         Elissa Barrett, Jewish Funds for Justice/Progressive Jewish Alliance

Sometimes the light we yearn to see is not visible in the face of so much artificial light.  You can see it if you look with your soul.  You can see it if you open your heart.

         Shifra Bronznick, Founding President, Advancing Women Professionals

Once you realize that darkness is only the negative space between lights, it’s easier.
         Sammie Moshenberg, National Council of Jewish Women

Feeding hungry people, health care for all, education for those in need is a doorway to the light.  Without the doorway there will only be darkness.
         Steve Gutow, President and CEO, Jewish Council on Public Affairs

The most important thing about light, about wisdom,  is that we can find it wherever we seek it—including, perhaps especially, within ourselves.
         Mark Pelavin, Director of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism

By your light we see light.
         Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, Program Director, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Reflecting on our ancient text and our historic work, Jews must work in alliance with communities of color to address issues of economic justice and racial equality.
         Vic Rosenthal, Executive Director, Jewish Community Action Minneapolis

When I think of light, I think of illumination and the compelling ways my life has been illuminated by seeking knowledge, justice, kindness, compassion and warmth.
         Abby J. Leibman, President and CEO, Mazon

As we emerge, our strengths are revealed in the sunlight.  We are not the victims—we are the survivors.  We are not the rescued—we are the rescuers.
         Naama Haviv, Assistant Director, Jewish World Watch

Look within, look outside, and reflect the sparks of light you find shining.
         Josh Protas, Vice President, Jewish Council on Public Affairs

Be humble, listen, and learn, then actively pursue justice for all humankind.
         Nancy K. Kaufman, CEO, National Council of Jewish Women

May a new light shine upon Zion and may we be worthy to have it shine on us all very soon. – Siddur
         Rabbi David Rosenn, CEO, New Israel Fund